LLC "Agrobakalleya” specializes in plant-based resource of innovative technology, agrochemical and reclamation technologies, our company invest on modern technologies, equipment and innovations. LLC "Agrobakalleya occupy a leading position in the Russian oil and fat industry years of experience, stable operation of the company, utilization of advanced technologies for the production, the stringent observance of standards and quality control allow the company to offer oil and oil cakes, which comprises of the highest quality, environmental affableness. The use of high quality raw mild temperature conditions in the production of oil and cake, enhance the company to produces oil with a low content of non-hydratable phospholipids and to preserve properties of the native protein in its products.

LLC "Agrobakalleya” own elevator complexes: seed elevators, granulation portion, oil extraction complex: Training and Press section, oil extraction site and complex: site of refining and deodorization, storage facilities, logistics in the agricultural sector and warehousing. One of the main areas of operation is the accumulation and storage of sunflower seeds to guarantee the safety of raw materials, "Agrobakalleya” also ensures provision of services for storage of grain within and outside the organizations.

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