Safe & Effective Crop Protection

LLC "Agrobakalleya” supplies premium-class and first-class vegetable oil, deodorized refined sunflower, unrefined sunflower oil to various consumers in Russia and exports the product to several countries in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East and Africa. The company unrefined rape oil is supplied and exported globally to companies that use the product for production bio-fuel.

LLC "Agrobakalleya” understand the value healthy living and give top priority to health, the company product contained in refined sunflower oil, linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that enters the human body only through food. The poly-saturated acids, which sunflower oil is so rich in, help build human cells, synthesize hormones and build up the immune system. Such features as higher resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, the presence of vitamin E, and the absence of cholesterol make refined sunflower oil produced by the company certified by Russian Government for domestic market & consumption and approved for export globally.

LLC "Agrobakalleya” own elevator complexes: seed elevators, granulation portion, oil extraction complex: Training and Press section, oil extraction site and complex: site of refining and deodorization, storage facilities, logistics in the agricultural sector and warehousing. One of the main areas of operation is the accumulation and storage of sunflower seeds to guarantee the safety of raw materials, "Agrobakalleya” also ensures provision of services for storage of grain within and outside the organizations.

With huge investment on modern technologies and innovations, LLC "Agrobakalleya” occupy a leading position in the Russian oil and fat industry. The company intends to consolidate and build on this success, relying on years of wide range experience of our production facilities and operations, professional staff and synergy that enable the joint work of our enterprises. Professionalism is a key asset of the company which controls the entire production chain from the field to the final consumer.