Belief in the company – LLC “Agrobakalleya” acknowledges that believing in the company and having trust in the company and brings success to the company.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” is open to creativity; we are for an informed, responsible business, which is able to transform the company production activities.  

LLC “Agrobakalleya” openness to innovation and encouragement of creative initiatives to help the company moving to greater height. Our company understands that only the most complete self-realization and good commitment of each member of the company will lead us to success.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” encourages the process of working towards a company common goal – a clear, reliable and measurable innovation. Our company encourages achievement of activities and provision of good report. 

LLC “Agrobakalleya” understands that the ability to take responsibility is significant to certainty of success. Our company responsibility is supported by our exceptional innovation and always delivers to our customer and partner without default.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” considers trust as cornerstone of the company foundation. Our company believes that mutual trust helps to work with full dedication and increases the efficiency of our business and productivity.


  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” develop an honest and open relationship with our domestic  and foreign partners and clients;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” apply modern world business operation standards;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” implement highly effective technologies and modern scientific research;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” constant improvement of quality of our products and services.


  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” supply their consumers and buyers with high-quality Russian-made reasonably priced products;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” Increase their market share, sales volume and the profitability of product sales;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” increase the cost-effectiveness per product unit;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” achieve higher consumer satisfaction with the quality of our products and company operations;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” create and launch new products in the market;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” optimize the company’s business processes and operations;
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” forms and develop flexible unique team of operation, minded professionals capable of putting the development strategies implemented by the company and information practice.


LLC “Agrobakalleya” business operations are in accordance with the quality policy, which allows delivering reliable, high quality standard products that meet all the requirements of regulatory.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” set high standards for its products quality and safety; our company invests our best to meet them. Our company is regularly working to earn the trust of our consumers and improve quality control.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” creates products that best meet the requirements of the consumer:

  • Our company concentrate strictly on customer requirements
  • Our company control and monitor the quality of both raw materials and finished products
  • Our company provide consistently high level of product quality, strengthening the company’s reputation and integrity on the domestic and foreign market
  • Our company initiate and create innovative technologies and new products



LLC “Agrobakalleya” guarantees delivery to our client enterprises high-quality raw materials, through the input control, monitoring the conditions of storage and transportation of raw materials from our company warehouse to our client, and selective production of raw materials and materials to our clients globally;

LLC “Agrobakalleya” ensures production of quality products manufactured at our various production plants;

LLC “Agrobakalleya” provides support in the field of physico-chemical, organoleptic, microbiological research and sanitation, delivering reliable quantitative and qualitative data using modern research methods;

LLC “Agrobakalleya” ensures timely receipt and dissemination of new consumers of conformity certificates / declarations of compliance and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions on the documentation and product;  

LLC “Agrobakalleya” guarantee delivery to consumers only quality products and the preservation of the quality of the finished product during storage, transportation and delivery;

LLC “Agrobakalleya” guarantees and exchange of information with customers on product quality and delivery of product with good quality.


FSSC 22000 (an international certification scheme for food manufacturers), – certification: “Production of edible fat and oil production for industrial processing”;

GOST ISO 9001-2011 (interstate quality management system standard).

Standard ISO 9001: 2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)

QMS Certificate for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001: 2008)

GOST ISO 9001-2011

Our responsibility is confirmed by the certification of quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008) and the safety management system on the principles of Gaasp. Certification ISO 9001 confirms the compliance of the quality management systems of state standard. The company also held safety management system certification according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points associated with food safety) and meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” Declaration of conformity and certificate of state registration

The entire output of LLC “Agrobakalleya” passes the certified procedure of conformity with Russian technical regulations in accordance with the law to obtain a declaration of conformity or the certificate of state registration. LLC “Agrobakalleya” shipped product is accompanied by set of accompanying documents that confirm the quality and safety of products – the declaration of conformity or the certificate of state registration. Our company declaration of Conformity documents are registered at an accredited Russian certification body.


  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” is actively involved in support of life of society – people with whom and for whom we work. We create natural, healthy and affordable products and quality products for domestic and foreign clients.
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” strives to solve the problems of our customer. Our company constantly develops, analyze the market and offer solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable.
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” development and innovation of new products, efficient business processes and new technologies that lead the business forward. Our company research, development and innovation are the most important principle of our work and operation.


  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” provides jobs across the country: in the regions of operation, where the processing plants are situated, as well as the company agricultural business regions producing oil and fat raw materials.
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” continually strives to improve the practice of personnel work, listen to the union position and adhere to all applicable labor laws. Our company strictly enforces all labor protection measures, investing in the improvement of working conditions of our employees, conduct systematic training safety skills regularly. Our company employees take part in training programs, skills development, training and courses. Educational programs opportunities are available for our production staff and managers, regional representatives and employees of branches and production sites.
  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” provides social benefits to employees prescribed in the collective agreement: for the children of employees – preferential permits in sanatoria and summer camps, Christmas gifts, sports events for first-graders. Our company creates a health center for our employees, the organization of collective trips to nature tourism and pilgrimages, targeted assistance and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and more.


  • LLC “Agrobakalleya” provides systematic approach to reduce the impact of its production on the environment. Our company implemented several numbers of projects in the following areas:
  • Standardization and Modernization of our existing production sites
  • Continuous study of international qualitative practices in the field of environmental protection
  • Collaboration and partnership with regional authorities in the development of new regulatory documents
  • Company implementation of advanced environmental standards in the construction of production and installation of standard foreign and Russian equipment that minimizes our impact on the environment in the regions of operation.
  • Acquiring of equipment, modernization of production facilities and the construction of new sites



LLC “Agrobakalleya” pursues good policy of active contribution to the social and economic development of the regions where we operate, our company view charity projects as an integral part of our work.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” selects projects for corporate responsibility; our company ensures social assistance that makes a positive difference to local communities, the social assistance creates and opens up long-term cooperation opportunities. 

LLC “Agrobakalleya” is happy that our employees share the company values and support our initiatives: large numbers of our staff are actively involved in non-corporate charities and volunteer projects. Our company considers this as an essential component of cultural development for our employees.

LLC “Agrobakalleya” effectively carries out projects in the field of charity on schools, churches, and help center for children and families in difficult situations, orphanage home, theological Seminary and Monastery, social rehabilitation Center Company, special (correctional) boarding school and many more.