company activities

Product distribution and export

Product packing

Oil production

Production of crops

Product procurement

Crops sales

Storage and warehousing

Transportation and shipping of vegetable oils and fats

Core Activities “AGROBAKALLEYA” LLC:

  • Manufacture of vegetable oil and animal oils and fats
  • Production of corn oil, Sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, degummed oil
  • Manufacture of crude oils and fats
  • Production of crude oils
  • Manufacture of refined oils and fats
  • Production of vegetable refined oils and fats
  • Production of technical animal fats, fish oils and marine mammal fat
  • Production of edible oil and animal fats
  • Production of non-edible by-products
  • Processing and preserving of potatoes, fruits and vegetables
  • Processing and preserving of fruit and nuts
  • Provision of heat treatment and other preparation of fruits and vegetables for canning
  • Manufacturing plant wax, other than triglycerides
  • Manufacture of margarine
  • Production of combined fat
  • Dairying of dairies products and cheese products
  • Production of dairy products
  • Production of treated watery milk
  • Production of cream and liquid cream
  • Production of milk, cream and other dairy products in solid forms
  • Production of butter
  • Manufacture of condensed milk products and dairy products, not included in other categories
  • Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products
  • Production of products of the milling industry
  • Flour made of cereal and vegetable crops and finished flour mixtures and pastry for baking
  • Production of cereals, coarse grinding flour, granules and other products of cereal crops
  • Production of corn oil, starch and starch
  • Production of starch and starch products, sugar and sugar syrups, not included in other categories
  • Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
  • Production of finished forage and its components for animals, kept at farms
  • Production of finished forage (mixed and not mixed) for animals, kept at farms
  • Production of microbial protein feed, premixes, forage vitamins, antibiotics, amino acids and enzymes
  • Trading of prepared pet foods
  • Trading of other food products
  • Trading of bread and flour confectionery products non-durable storage
  • Trading of dry bakery and flour confectionery long-term storage
  • Trading of sugar
  • Trading of Bitumen, Sulphur, Wax, Coal, base oil, fertilizer, agrochemical and petrochemical.
  • Trading of finished for use food products and half-finished good for its preparing, not included in other categories
  • Production and trading of vegetable juices and extracts, peptic substances, plant glues and thickener
  • Manufacture and Trading of food enzymes